About redVoodo


Welcome to redVoodo !

We’ll provide some powerful tools for dynamic web applications using Vaadin and OSGI.

We’ll also provide a DSL using Xtext to make it easy to start with Business Applications.

redVaadin is part of a group of Open Source projects:

  • redView – the desktop counterpart using EMF and Riena to design Eclipse RCP desktop Apps
  • red-open – tools to generate code for business apps and more: Xtext, Xtend, Xpand
  • businessAPPtester – no more boring unit tests for business apps: redView, Xtext, DSL to make it easy to use by business guys
  • enMOcs – enterprise MOBILE CommunicationServer – PushServices, TCPSocket Connections and more… (uses redVaadin as Admin WebUI and redView as Admin RCP Desktop UI)

our projects are using many other Eclipse Tools and Frameworks:

  • Equinox OSGI Server
  • Jetty HTTP Server / Servlet Engine
  • Riena – powerful RCP Apps for the business
  • Xtext / Xtend / Xpand – domain specific languages, modeling and more
  • EMF – Eclipse Modeling Framework

ekke and flo will blog about redVoodo. (Hint: the project was first named redVaadin – to make clear that this project is not part of Vaadin, but a fan and powerful user, we renamed it)

(c) 2011 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by  ekkescorner